3 ON 3 Ballers Tournament Player Agreement

We will be placing your teams into a pre-established age category as follows:

Check your division selection below:
10 & under 16 & under
12 & under 18 & under
14 & under 18 & over

Yolur registration fee should be postmarked by the tournament postmard deadline, exactly 2 weeks prior to the tournament. Late registrations will be accepted if received by 6:00pm on the Suday prior to the tournament.
A $40.00 late fee must be added to all late entries.
You will be required to pay a cash late fee at the tournament if it is not included with your late registration
Send in your team entry fee, plus $4.00 for each 2XL shirt ordered, plus $4.00 for each sleeveless shirt ordered, plus late fee, if applicable.

CALL (517) 789-7100 IMMEDIATELY

1) ID is required for all players.
2) WARNING: False information concerning age or heigt may result in being disqualifiesd from the tournament.
3) In the event of omitted information, you will be considered Recreational for team skill level,, Average for player skill level, and XL for shirt sixe.
4) Player changes and additions can be made at tournament registration before a roster spot’s 1st game. New player must fit guidelines of teams’ bracket. There is a $10.00 charge for each change or addition.
5) No Shows: Every team is scheduled for a minimum of 3 games. 3 on 3 Ballers Tour is not responsible if a team plays less than 3 games as a result of a scheduled opponent not showing up to play.
6) Awards are given to 1st and 2nd place teams.
7) High School and College players are responsible for their eligibility for the event. Rules and regulations governing eligibility vary. 3 on 3 Ballers Tour suggests that all players check with their coach/athletic director to determine player eligibility.
8) CO-ED TEAMS: All “Co-Ed” Teams will be placed into male divisions.
9) CONFIRMATION: For early confirmation that we’ve received your entry form, send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your application. Aconfirmation letter with your tema’s first game time and directions to the tournament site will be mailed to the team

Each player (and their parent or guardian if the player is under age 18) must read this Waiver. Signatures on the registration form signify each person has read, and understands and abides by this information. There are risks connected with my participation in the tournament and its related activities. I release and discharge 3 on 3 Ballers Tour, Inc., all event charities, all event sponsors, all event organizers, all workers, employees and directors related to event from all action, suits and demands whatsoever in law or in equity, including, but not limited to, the riesk of injury from playing in the tournament and the risk of loss of personal property by theft or otherwise. Playereligibility for NCAA, collegiate sports and local shool districts vary. The event organizers are not responsible for determining each player’s eligibility. Before registering, contact your coach or atheletic director and ask how you eligibility would be affected, if at all,by registering for this tournament. Further, I hereby grant full permission for event organizers to record any or all of my participation in this event for photos, motion pictures, TV, radio, recording, videotapes and other media known or unknown, and to use them, no matter by whom taken,, in any manner for bubicity, promotions, advertising, trade or commercial purposes, without any reimbursement of any kind due to me, or the need to pay me any fee
The 3 on 3 Ballers Tour is produced and managed by 3 on 3 Ballers Tour, Inc.