Jason Thomson



Media production requires a producer to enter the mind of the audience. When the viewer is involved, they take away more than just information; they feel something.

A Bright Idea

View A Bright Idea [09:40 .mp4]

A Bright Idea is a short documentary that was done for TC 442 at Michigan State University explaining the virtues of switching from incadescent light bulbs to Compact Fluorescent Lights. A Bright Idea took over a month to produce. During that time, donations were successfully solicited. Impromptu interviews were conducted, and a super hero was born.

The Cut: A Drama Project

View The Cut [3:36 .mp4]

The Cut is a dramatic short that was done for TC 442. The assignment was to craft a dramatic scene around pre-written dialog.

Lighting Project

View Lighting Project [:36 .mp4]

This was a lighting project assignment for TC 442. The assignment was to create a dramatic lighting set.


Photography is an important part of this curriculum vitae. The photos on the header of this web site dynamically load through a PHP script. All photos have been taken by Jason Thomson.