Jason Thomson



Every software project requires a different approach. Software needs vary from one organization to another.

At WKAR, podcast writing was all done by hand. This tedious process was very susceptible to human error. Podcastor is a small application for OS X that streamlines that process. The goal of this software is to make teaching and learning easier and more efficient. Podcastor takes the podcast publishing process from 30 minutes per publication, to 30 seconds.

Podcastor 1.0

Download .zip

Podcastor was written with Apple Xcode on Apple's Mac OS X 10.4. It was written with Cocoa and Applescript. It has been compiled for use on PowerPC and Intel-based Macintosh computers. This software formats the metadata for audio or video files. After which, it formats an RSS XML Podcast file with the same metadata, then uploads both. The goal of facilitating learning at MSU is attained much faster with Podcastor.

2004 3 on 3 Ballers Tour Web Site

Visit the 2004 3 on 3 Ballers Tour Web Site
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In 2004, the 3 on 3 Ballers Tour needed a web site for promotion, information, and transactions. Their web site at that time allowed individuals to sign up for the tournament. It also processed their sign-up fee automatically which reported back to the manager of the tournament.